Currency Strategy

In this course, you will be learning the currency trading strategies which are widely used by professional traders in global financial markets.

Skills you will learn

Basics of currency markets
Global currency markets overview
Multiple currency trading strategies
Essential technical analysis, trend analysis

About this course

Undertaking this course can play an important role in currency trading and investing careers. This course introduces exclusive trading strategies designed by world class currency traders which defines the correlation between both the scripts involved in trading. This is a uniquely designed course that comprises complete currency trading insight right from the basics of currency markets to advanced trading strategies. In a very simplified form you will learn the importance of international currency markets and its impact while executing live trades. Although this is an advanced level course we have covered all the basic aspects which makes it very easy to understand.

Along with day trading strategies you will be taught swing trading strategy which will help to generate a stable monthly income by just implementing a few trades a year. Anyone willing to undertake currency trading as a career path or wish to become a self employed currency investor can opt this course.


Type:  Online course
  Duration:  3 – 4 weeks
  Award: Certificate
  Language:  English
  Level:  Advanced
  Support:  Lifetime