Equity Trading Strategy

In this course, you will be introduced to the most important and simplified stock trading strategies that can be implemented in just few minutes of daily schedule.

Skills you will learn

Essential technical analysis
Identifying the trending stocks
Multiple equity trading strategies
Fund management principle

About this course

In this course you will learn the implementation of advanced equity trading strategies with the help of unique stock selection and essential technical analysis. You will be introduced to the major indexes and will be nourished with all the basic aspects such as how to use the trading platform, how to calculate the number of stocks to be traded, how to set the target and the stop loss. You will manage to filter out the noise and get to know the exact mindset of a professional trader.

All the strategies taught in this courses require just few minutes of your daily time and no constant screen monitoring is required.The fund management principle taught in the course will help you to remain in profits at the end of the month. Weather you want to generate a parallel income by trading and investing stocks or if you aim to become a full time trader, then this course is definitely for you.


Type:  Online course
  Duration:  3 weeks
  Award: Certificate
  Language:  English
  Level:  Advanced
  Support:  Lifetime