Hedging Strategy

In this course, you will learn the implementation of the hedging tool along with adjustments to generate a safe consistent income.

Skills you will learn

Essential concepts of derivatives
Unique hedging strategies with adjustments
Application of insurance
Generate stable monthly income

About this course

Introducing a hedging tool can play an important role in trading and investing. This course introduces exclusive hedging strategies along with adjustments which will minimize the risk involved while investing. The course comprises of very unique day trading and swing trading strategies which are a combination of universal hedging strategies and can be implemented on both options and futures.

The course will help you to generate a stable source of income by investing minimal amount of time and funds. Although this is an advanced level course designed by professional fund managers we have covered all the basic aspects which makes it very easy to understand. Anyone wiling to undertake hedging as a prime trading tool can opt this course.

Type:  Online course
  Duration:  3 weeks
  Award: Certificate
  Language:  English
  Level:  Professional
  Support:  Lifetime